Mission Statement

The mission of TTS is to provide an affordable quality biblical education to adult learners, teaching them (through a variety of bible based disciplines)to uphold the divine authority of the Bible as God's inspired representation of reality to humankind, and equipping them to apply it's eternal truths to all phases of life.

Purpose Statement

To educate and empower, thereby equipping the Believer to fulfill their God given purpose throughout the community, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Trinity Theological Seminary is an independent accredited seminary under the auspices of the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Seminaries. TTS is committed to an academically and professionally qualified faculty whose appointments and advancements are dependent upon potential and acknowledged competence in teaching and professional practices.

TTS Administration
Carolyn Carter Townsel, Th.D.

Charles W. Townsel, Th.D.
Vice President

Jacqueline T. Spires, M.B.Ed./Th.D.
Dean of Schools


TTS proudly staffs a cadre of highly qualified instructors that are committed to the mission and purpose of TTS and strives to fulfill the goals of the Seminary by providing a quality education to TTS students.

TTS Administration
Emma P. Armstrong, Th.D.
Director of Extension Program

Charles I. Bradley, M.M.Ed./Th.M.
Director of Recruitment

Carl W. Thompson, Th.D.
Director of Correspondence